See what our customers have to say about a Flavourhood Tour experience…

“An amazing introduction to the Melbourne food scene.”  Pauline Pateras

“Who knew there were so many hidden foodie experiences to be had in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne. I loved being immersed in the melting pot of different cultures and getting to try a variety of delicious foods. I can’t wait to go back and revisit some of the places Raffaela introduced me to with friends and family.”  Sandra Sullivan

“Enjoyed the food tour. Good fun and great experience!”  Sash Naumoski

“I’ve lived in Melbourne’s north all my life and thought I knew of all the best places to eat and buy food. After the tour I was pleasantly surprised to discover new hidden gems. Highly recommend this tour to anyone wanting to discover new places, delicious eateries and inspiring people”  Anna Naumoska

“Great tour, great food, great fun! I’d do it again.”  Scarlett Menta

“This tour was one of the best days I had in Melbourne. I have been living here for almost three years and for a morning I felt like a tourist again! Thank you Raffaela, because this was a unique experience rather then a simple tour, I’ll definitely join you in your next events!”  Ilaria Gianfagna

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