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Flavourhood Tours started in 2016 by Raffaela (owner and our Chief Eating Officer) who had been taking her friends on unofficial tours of Sydney Road. They were so good they encouraged her to do more! Raffaela loves being introducing people to the Flavourhood neighbourhoods, sharing the historical and cultural food stories with curious people. 

Previously, Raffaela had noticed that Melbourne was only being promoted for its usual tourist hot-spots. So, Melbourne locals, we think we can show you that our local small neighbourhoods are filled with wonderful people, delicious food and multicultural communities. These stories are exactly what we want to share with you!

We started off with one tour in one neighbourhood and since then we have expanded around Melbourne so we can show you even more of what this city is really about. Now, six years later we have an amazing dedicated team of Melbourne foodie lovers and locals who can’t wait to meet you on your next tour! Click here to meet them…

During the pandemic we also came up with the ‘food tour in a box’ concept so that we can bring Melbourne’s neighbourhoods to you when you can’t come to us. Click here to learn more.


When we first started out, we imagined we would mostly be hosting tourists on our tours…but we actually found it to be the opposite! The majority of our guests are locals who are wanting to get to know their neighbourhoods better, people wanting to try different areas of Melbourne, or those who think this is a really awesome gift for a loved one. If you think you know your neighbourhood you will be surprised by everything you will discover. Even locals of 20 years have come to our tours and have been surprised by how much they learn and the new connections they get to make! Why not give it a try. Click here to learn more about our tours.